Bringing the Knowledge to You

JOHN BROWN LIMITED'S on-site presentations are tailored specifically to your audience. Conducted at your organization, these presentations address specific concerns or challenges you might be facing in today's philanthropic environment. Our consultants will conduct presentations for hundreds of participants - or for small, intimate groups of people.

Boards of Directors or Trustees

How to Turn Commitment into Investment

A successful fundraising strategy requires leaders who are invested in the process. To build that investment among Board members, JBL's senior consultants assist directors or trustees in translating a passion for your mission into an active role in raising gifts. JBL on-site presentations give Board members cause to reflect on their own gifts. Many clients report that JBL presentations have revitalized their Boards, increased Board gifts, and helped to consolidate development teams comprised of Board volunteers.


Help Donors Include Philanthropy in their Financial Planning

Donors often need assistance in understanding how charitable gifts can be incorporated into their financial and estate planning designs. JBL's senior consultants educate donors - and donor prospects - with humor, wit and inspiration as they outline how planned gifts can save donors income, estate, gift, and capital gains taxes. Discussions specifically focus on the meaning of a will; gifts that return income; preservation of assets; avoidance of unnecessary taxes; and reduction of probate costs.

Development Professionals

Understanding Philanthropic Trends

When comprehensive development education is more appropriate than sending a single staff member to a JBL seminar, our on-site presentations can be extremely productive and useful. We assist development leaders, administrative assistants, or staff members from financial or legal departments, in understanding a variety of emerging philanthropic trends - from the transfer of wealth, to the encouragement of youthful alumni support, and the recruitment of new donors. Focus areas often include major/planned gifts, definitions and marketing concepts, planned giving program checklists, and traits of an effective major gifts/planned giving officer.

Deans, Curators, and Physicians

Building Relationships that Create Gifts

Deans, physicians, and curators have great pride in their organizations and are valuable stewards in the development process. They are the "mission messengers" that donors turn to when trying to comprehend how gifts are best used. JBL's presentations to non-development professionals can aid in gaining further support for programs and institutions.

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