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Have you considered how fundraising looks
from the other side of the coffee table?
High Probability Fundraising
Available in Virtual and In-Person Formats

Our Commitment to You

Our unique and highly-interactive training program integrates major and gift planning skillsets, creating dynamic teams of major gift planners.

See Through Donors’ Eyes

Most professional fundraisers are familiar with the conventional development cycle: identification, assessment, cultivation, and solicitation. But are you thinking about giving from the donor's perspective?

Find the Right Gift Plan for Every Donor

In today's world of philanthropy, donor capacity is only part of the equation. Structuring gifts in a way that benefits donor and recipient alike is the key to a productive, enduring relationship.

Truly significant gifts come not from income, but from assets — assets that are often liquidated in conjunction with triggering life events that include personal and tax concerns.

The Seminar runs for five sessions of 90 minutes each, followed by two 90-minute Donor Strategy Sessions where participants bring their own donor cases for review.

Virtual Seminar sessions are spaced at regular intervals to accommodate client needs. Depending on schedules and frontline fundraising obligations, they are best accomplished in two sessions per week, enabling participants to apply what they learn along the way. In-Person Seminar sessions are customized to meet client needs, and most often are completed in a-day-and-a-half.

Participants practice highly-effective detective skills throughout the sessions. They learn how to uncover new and promising opportunities for bigger and better gifts. They walk away with a better understanding of current, blended and deferred gift planning strategies.

The Virtual Seminar (sessions last 90 minutes each):

  • Session 1: Introduction to the Four Decisions Method
  • Session 2: Securing appointments and opening conversations that support the Four Decisions Method
  • Session 3: Engaging donors in substantive discussions about WHY they give; pivoting to WHAT donors want to accomplish, and; inviting the Two-Part Conversation that leads to HOW donors can best make their gifts
  • Session 4: Setting up an effective HOW conversation
  • Session 5: Using Prime the Pump concepts and methods to unlock critical donor information and to prepare for the ultimate question: WILL YOU?
  • Sessions 6-7: Donor Strategy Sessions give participants an opportunity to explore new and/or refined approaches for working with their own donors

Effective Learning

  • Participants learn about gift planning in the context of relationship building
  • Apply in-person coaching from experienced pros
  • Participate in exercises that emphasize practice, not theory
  • Gain tools to educate and train both present and future colleagues

For more information and to learn how we can bring this seminar to your organization contact:

Craig Smith, Senior Consultant at 585-730-0853 or