Feasibility Studies

Strategic Development

A John Brown Limited feasibility study provides a customized action plan that prepares a non-profit organization to campaign successfully. Due to our comprehensive and efficient research, JBL has helped thousands of non-profit organizations achieve their campaign goals.

In order to address the multiple initiatives that a campaign requires, the following issues are studied:

  • Pre-Campaign Planning, Including Case Development and Priority Setting
  • Estimated Achievable Dollar Goals and Plans for Increasing Financial Support
  • Identifying Campaign Leadership and Early Lead Gifts
  • Engaging the Board Early in the Process
  • Staff and Leadership Capacity for Managing a Campaign as an Addition to Current Annual Programs
  • Marketing Opportunities and Challenges
  • Objections to - and Solutions for - the Case and Campaign Objectives
  • Opportunities to Open Doors to New Donors, as Well as Former Supporters

Each feasibility study concludes with a written report and verbal presentation to decision makers, providing an opportunity to outline findings - as well as an action plan for sustaining pre-campaign momentum.

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