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High Probability Fundraising
A new approach to integrating your major and planned gift programs

Our Commitment to You:

We Will

  • Integrate the skillsets of your major and planned gift professionals, helping to create a dynamic team of major gift planners.
  • Hone your techniques for interacting with donors directly.
  • Participate in practical exercises that reinforce what you learn.
  • Come to you with a multi-visit program, saving you time and money.
  • Teach you how to teach yourselves, gaining the tools to stay sharp and resources to educate future colleagues.

See Through Donors’ Eyes

Most professional fundraisers are familiar with the conventional development cycle: identification, assessment, cultivation, and solicitation. But are you thinking about giving from the donor's perspective?

Our workshop, based on years of fundraising experience, will help you understand the key questions that donors ask themselves and prepare you to guide them through purposeful conversations:

  1. WHY should I give?
  2. WHAT will my gift support?
  3. HOW can my giving be most effective?
  4. WILL I take the final step and make the donation?

Deciding to give means addressing these questions, either implicitly or explicitly. We'll teach you how to lead your donors to each one, and get them to speak from the heart.

Don't settle for a one-time donation when you can build a long-term relationship.

Find the Right Gift Plan for Every Donor

In today's world of philanthropy, donor capacity is only part of the equation. Structuring gifts in a way that benefits donor and recipient alike is the key to a productive, enduring relationship.

Truly significant gifts come not from income, but from assets — assets that are often liquidated in conjunction with triggering life events that include personal and tax concerns.

Do your donors know about outright and testamentary gifts, charitable remainder trusts and income streams, and multi-part giving strategies?

Don't assume that donors are getting comprehensive advice from financial advisors and lawyers. You can inform them about the full range of options, including highly attractive options they might otherwise be unfamiliar with.

Effective Learning

Participants will:

  • Learn about planned giving in the context of relationship building
  • Enjoy in-person coaching from fundraising pros
  • Take part in exercises that emphasize practice, not theory — allowing you to act immediately on what you learn
  • Gain tools to educate and train both present and future colleagues.

Lasting Takeaways

How do major gift officers develop a clear, comprehensive understanding of gift planning? By learning to purposefully and deftly lead donors through inquisitive discovery conversations, and seeing how the information from those conversations can be used to bring the entire planned giving team into the process.

After completing the seminar, gift officers will see planned giving directors in a new light — as collaborative partners who can help identify and close the biggest and best gifts, for the mutual benefit of your donors and your organization.

Finally, you can take it with you: Our interactive case studies provide a model for participants to share knowledge when they return to the office, allowing them to build on our lessons and conduct sustainable in-house training, next month or any month.

About Our Experts

Craig Smith and Dan Shephard have 60 years of experience between them helping universities, cultural institutions, and other nonprofit organizations pursue successful planned giving strategies.

Arrange for a presentation to your entire staff, with customized follow-up.

For more information, contact Craig Smith at 585-730-0853 or

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