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There are more than 1.7 million non-profit organizations operating in the United States today. Moreover, the expanding global economy has increased the number of competing charities exponentially as international agencies begin to solicit American philanthropists. With an anticipated generational transfer of wealth (through bequests) amounting to trillions of dollars entering the non-profit industry, the stakes are high! Survival of the fittest applies to campaign strategy as much as it does to any Darwinian theorist.

The benefits to a capital or endowment campaign created by John Brown Limited is that it is custom-designed for your organization's donor audience, competitive field and available resources for success. John Brown Limited consultants invest their time in understanding your environment and its key players - volunteers, staff, donors, and the community - to ensure that funds are raised and that enduring relationships are established. JBL consultants believe that the success of a campaign is often determined by good planning and early engagement of key board members, donors and volunteers.

Whatever your campaign goals, you will find that all John Brown Limited campaign contracts include the following counsel:

  • Priority Setting
  • Engagement Strategies that Lead to Early, Big Gifts
  • Board, Volunteer & Prospect Presentations that Build Enthusiasm and Commitment to Your Organization and the Campaign
  • Solicitation and Stewardship Tracking
  • Individual Donor Strategies and Relationship-Building Techniques
  • Marketing
  • Review of All Campaign Materials
  • Building Protocol for Gift Policies and Procedures
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