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Strategic Recommendations for Your Team

In order to maximize your development team's fundraising capacity, it is essential to uncover the strengths and challenges of your organization. With that information in hand, you and your consulting team can tweak what works well to make it work better for your organization and re-frame challenges to achieve optimal financial results. John Brown Limited's development evaluations are one-on-one interviews with Board members, volunteers, and staff to learn your team's driving opinions, shining stars, misconceptions, challenges, and organizational needs.

During this confidential process, senior JBL consultants also review the following aspects of your development program:

  • Gift Histories
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Print and Promotional Materials
  • Staffing and Board Involvement
  • The Institutional Environment
  • Opportunities for Streamlined Operational Systems

Following the interviews, JBL provides a written report and presentation that outlines observations, strategic recommendations, and a timeline for achieving your fundraising goals.

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